Promobot Digest (May, 16)

While the Russians opened a picnic season and were happy to see the spring sun, work in Promobot continued. Read in our digest about the events that took place in the company during these fabulous two weeks.


How the exhibition was held: the Promobot stand and other participants | CES 2018 Diares (part 7)

It was lucky that our pavilion was near the registration area and people, having received the badge, immediately walked past our booth. We have worked out the following plan: we tell about the product, we take a business card and we propose to fill in a sheet of the potential order. Previously, we printed forty of such sheets. The client writes there his contacts, address, phone number and number of robots, which, in the long term, he plans to purchase. Legally, this document is a contract of intent, which plays an important role in the United States.

Promobot digest

Promobot Digest (May, 3)

LABOUR DAY read about it in the digest about the news that took place in Promobot during this week: participation in the Labour Day demonstration, delivery to Ghana and even engagement.


Story of the Museum of Automotive Art

The Automobile Art Museum bought robots to attract customers. The museum itself is innovative, but one of the floors is dedicated exclusively to robotics. Smart robots, robots-guides who fully answer the questions of people and communicate with them, detect human facial expressions, recognize those who came before, joke and, undoubtedly, attract people. All the robots were given names.

digest Promobot

Promobot Digest (April, 16)

One of the main goals for the year for our company was the expansion of the geography and international cooperation. The news of the last two weeks will only confirm the determination in achieving the goal: the participation of the Promobot in the reception of the Embassy of Chile and the event in Dubai, as well as the delivery of the robot to Australia. Details are in our digest.

CES 2018 diaries

Arrival. Three days before the exhibition | CES 2018 Diares (part 6)

Having arrived in Las Vegas, we lost two important pieces of baggage in one of which were vital parts and tools, in another promotional materials and the whole merchandise. We also lost half of the team, which was still in London when we arrived. It’s good that we arrived in advance, otherwise it would be complete fail.


Story of the Children Space Center (Kirov)

Viktor Savinykh, the hundredth cosmonaut of the Earth and twice Hero of the Soviet Union, presented the Children Space Center in Kirov with the robot Promobot. The center has not yet been opened, but the robot has already met with the Kirov people at Tsiolkovsky Readings – it told about the center and the exhibits. The robot will perform the function of the guide in the center: communicate with visitors, answer their questions, talk about the exhibits and attractions of the center, the achievements of the world space industry.


Robot Promobot conquers Australia

It is the first time of Promobot in Australia! Company Сountaround PTY LTD from Gold Coast, Queensland bought a robot from Promobot company to rent it out, stimulating the development of service robotics in Australia.