Promobot V.3

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Once more about V3 presentation

Dear friends of Promobot and dear Earthlings!

We are proud to invite you to the big and stunning tech show dedicated to the release of new version of our Promobot robot. The show will take place in Moscow, Russia, October, 27th, Red October center. You will be able to be the first to interact with our robots and, I hope, you will become friends with them )

The details and registration form —

In September 2013 we created the first completely autonomous service robot named Promobot. He gained popularity in Russia and abroad working as a promoter in shopping malls, museums, on trade and industrial shows and other events.

Now we launch the Promobot Version 3. It consolidates all the technologies that we have been developing last years, including autonomous movement, speech synthesis and other AI elements. The robot gets the brand new hardware and ‘body’ as well.

If you are interested in the event, we are ready to help you with visa invitation. Also, we are ready to organise for you the additional program in Moscow that will include visiting city tech centers, fablabs, hackspaces, robotics centers and other tech hubs.

Finally, at the end of October Moscow hosts the big “Open Innovation” forum that concentrates all Russian activities in the field of new technologies and attracts visitors from all over the world. It will take place in Skolkovo tech park. As a Skolkovo residents, we can arrange for you the additional program on this forum.

The details and registration form again —

Please drop me a line if you are ready to come to Moscow this fall :)
Thank you in advance!


Promobot Digest (July 29)

This summer is hot, not only on the thermometer, but also for Promobot! Promobot not remained aloof from the Pokemons epidemic, met the Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation, as well as to preparing for the move to St. Petersburg.


Promobot Digest (July 8)

Promobot went to England and became popular in America. And now three robots welcome visitors of the largest salons in Krasnodar. As always, customers are satisfied with the attraction of customers!


Presentation of Promobot V.3

Since 2013, our company is actively engaged in the creation of service robots-assistants. After the first year of work, we have understood the needs of the market and released Promobot V.2. After Promobot V.2 became the best selling service robot in Europe, we realized, in what direction we need to take the next step. We expanded the team, equipped ourselves with the most modern equipment and the most advanced knowledge in robotics, and have completed the development of the third generation of our robots.


Robot escaped from the testing ground

On Tuesday, June 14, we carried out planned tests of the Promobot robot. The subject of the test was a positioning system, which we will be introduced in the new generation of robots Promobot V3 (presentation will take place this Autumn). During the test, the robot moved on the range and came around various obstacles, only through such tests we manage to achieve high results in the robot movement’s development.