We test the new breed of robots

My new nanny’s a robot! We test the new breed of robots that can pour your wine, ice a cake and even make your children tidy up


The Promobot, from £8,000, robotsoflondon.co.uk

WHAT IS IT? At 145cm (4ft 7in) high, Promobot is a cumbersome chap, with arms and a bulky barrel body. He has no legs, but trundles around on casters, advertising what ever he’s programmed to promote.

WHAT CAN IT DO? Promobot has full facial recognition. Once you’ve met him, he never forgets you.

Throughout the morning I hear him chuntering away to anyone walking past, greeting them as his friend or offering to introduce himself.

Able to memorise thousands of faces and have a witty conversation, he’s a perfect meet-and-greet robot — certainly better than some people I’ve met at cocktail parties.

We test the new breed of robots

THE TEST: I am tired after a day of making robots do my work for me.

Fortunately, when Promobot is handed a glass of wine and I call his name from the comfort of my chair, he brings it straight to me!

I think he is my favourite for this alone.


Source: Daily Mail