Russian robot escapes testing area to cause chaos on local streets

Robot on the run: Watch the bizarre moment a self-learning android escapes testing area and causes havoc on the roads

  • Promobot is a unique robot created to work in customer relations
  • It’s designed to interact with humans realistically and answer questions
  • The robot had been left trundling around an outside yard during testing
  • But an engineeer left a gate open and it strayed onto a busy road outside

It is not every day you see a runaway robot causing traffic chaos in a city centre.

The robot, named Promobot, was being put through its paces at a research lab in the city of Perm in central Russia’s Perm Krai region.

The robot, designed to avoid obstacles and to turn around when it reached a boundary, had been left walking around an outside yard.

But in a scenario that could have burst out of the screen of 1980s science fiction hit Short Circuit, an engineer accidentally left a perimeter gate open and Promobot walked straight out of the lab’s premises and ended up on the busy road outside.

Promobot got halfway across the road as cars served to avoid it when its batteries ran out, leaving it stranded in the middle of the carriageway.

The robot was on the road outside the research lab for more than an hour as vehicles tried to manoeuvre their way around it.

Russian robot escapes testing area to cause chaos on local streets

Police officers parked a patrol car in front of it, with its blue light flashing, to warm motorists about the unusual obstacle.

It sparked huge interest from passers-by with children nagging their parents into letting them talk to it.

Eventually, contact was made with the research lab and a sheepish engineer arrived to reclaim the robot.

Oleg Kivokurtsev, co-founder of the company which created the robot, said: ‘We were very nervous and feel bad that the robot has created traffic congestion.

‘I should say that drivers were very nice, and did not swear at the machine, simply passing it by.’

He added the engineer working on the robot had forgotten to close the gate when he left for an appointment and promised that more care would be taken in future.

Promobot, short for Promotional Robot, is a unique robot created by Russian scientists and is designed to work in customer relations.

It is designed to interact with humans realistically, and can answer questions and remember every person it has ever met.

Source: Daily Mail