‘Runaway’ robot will greet travellers Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro Mechanoid: A quirky ‘runaway’ robot with a wonky wink and piercing blue eyes will greet travellers on Russia’s subway system

  • Metrosha will welcome travellers on Russia’s transport network
  • Based on promobot which hit headlines in 2016 after escaping from testing
  • Metrosha can wink, change his eyes into hearts, and even remember people
  • Will be rolled out on public holidays but may one day go into permanent service

A robot with a history of running away from its creators may seem like an odd choice to welcome travellers on Russia’s transport network.

But Moscow’s Metro bosses have decided to employ the services of Metrosha, a quirky machine who will greet people arriving at the city’s main subway station.

'Runaway' robot will greet travellers Moscow Metro

The unusual android is based on the promobot, or promotional robot, which hit headlines last summer when it made a break for freedom from its testing laboratory.

Although some people may be put off by Metrosha’s wonky wink and unique sense of humour, public perceptions have so far been favourable.

Metrosha was previously tested out on the Metro over the Christmas and New Year period, with positive reactions from travellers.

It will now be rolled out on other special occasions and public holidays, but may one day go into permanent service.

A spokesman for Moscow Metro said: ‘The robot has a sense of humour, he can exchange jokes with passengers.

‘The android is also capable of remembering names and faces of those he met.

‘The robot can wink, change his eyes into hearts, take photos and print them’

Metrosha is based on promobot – short for Promotional Robot – a unique robot created by Russian scientists and is designed to work in customer relations.

Promobot was designed for companies to use it to attract new customers.

It can interact with humans realistically, answering questions and even remembering people it has met before.

It also possess artificial intelligence to help it navigate and avoid obstacles.

'Runaway' robot will greet travellers Moscow Metro

Several hundred promobot robots operate in the United States, China, Kazakhstan, Ireland, UK, Spain, Chile and in other countries around the world, working as administrators, promoters and museum guides.

Promobot hit headlines last summer when it made an escape from a testing facility in the city of Perm in central Russia’s Perm Krai region.

It was being put through its paces in June 2016, when it found its way out of the research lab and into an outside yard.

In a scenario that could have burst out of the screen of 1980s science fiction hit Short Circuit, an engineer accidentally left a perimeter gate open and the wandering robot headed straight out of the premises and into a busy road outside.

Promobot got halfway across the road as cars swerved to avoid it when its batteries ran out, leaving it stranded in the middle of the carriageway.

The robot was on the road outside the research lab for more than an hour as vehicles tried to manoeuvre their way around it.

Police officers parked a patrol car in front of it, with its blue light flashing, to warn motorists about the unusual obstacle.

Source: Daily Mail