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The robot-guide is already working in Russian museums. It is both a guide and an exhibit since it is a complex set of systems with which it is interesting to interact. Promobot also draws attention to the museum and exhibits.

Promobot is a autonomous service robot. It moves independently, recognizes faces and speech, gets to know people and communicates with them on a variety of topics, can integrate with external gadgets and systems.

Thanks to the open programming system, Promobot can perform unique functions that are in demand in a particular field.

When the robot hears the word “excursion”, or the consent to its offer to conduct a tour, or determines the pressing of a button on the screen, it clarifies the visitor’s decision (“Do you really want to start the tour?”) And, after agreeing, suggests moving to the first exhibit and begins motion.

In the guide mode, the robot is not distracted by extraneous requests. It is aimed at an excursion.

The robot is safe for visitors and museum objects. When it moves, robot travels around obstacles, following to the specified point.

Upon arrival at the point, the robot turns around facing the visitors, points to the desired display window and talks about the exhibit. The screen displays the image of the exhibit, the text that the robot speaks, the schematic image of the position of the point in the route, and the control buttons – continue or stop the tour.

The user can interrupt the tour at any time by pressing a button on the screen or asking the robot to complete the tour. If the visitor has left the field of view of the robot, then after 3 minutes of inactivity the robot itself will return to the starting position.

At the last point the robot thanks to the visitors for the tour, reports that they are waiting for them in the next room, answers questions. When there are no questions, the robot with the permission of the visitors is sent to the starting point.

The robot can work independently or pair with a guide.

Also the robot can sell tickets at the entrance, photograph visitors and print these photos as a souvenir from the museum.

Do not worry about its charge. The robot concierge works 8 hours without recharging. At a certain level of charge the robot reports “Low battery”, then after the next threshold, the robot displays a message on the screen, which asks to send it for charging. When the critical level is reached the robot interrupts the current process and rushes for charging.

process and rushes for charging.

  • Welcome and invite visitors to the tour
  • Answers any questions
  • Says promo-talk about the museum, historical facts, offers to subscribe to the magazine and social networks
  • Independently conducts an excursion
  • Tours together with a guide
  • Moves on a given route in the mode of excursion
  • Goes around obstacles and stops in front of people
  • Sale of tickets / print photos
  • Automatically arrives at the charging station

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