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Robots are being actively introduced into the service sphere today. Promobot initiates communication with visitors and tells them how to use the user services, offers to use the services of the company, integrates with the queue management system.

Promobot is an autonomous service robot. It moves autonomously, recognizes faces and speech, meets people and communicates with them on a variety of topics can be integrated with external devices, services and systems.

Thanks to an open software platform, Promobot can perform unique functions required for a specific business.

Today robots are being actively implemented in the service sector. The robot initiates communication with visitors – welcomes them and offers to get acquainted, which makes a good impression for client.

Regardless of the agreement of the person to get acquainted, the robot asks which service does the person want. The client can choose a service on the screen.

If this operation can be independently performed, the robot will tell you how to do it via the client application or personal account. If the operation requires the participation of an employee, the robot will offer to access it and print out the queue ticket.

Due to the recognition of passports, the robot can fill out the paperwork, then it transmits to the print the completed contract and issues the queue ticket. Next, the client remains only to put signature on the printed document. This feature significantly saves the service time.

The robot performs a function of informing: autonomously moves, attracts visitors’ attention, speaks about promotions, offers, product range.

Don’t worry about its charge. The robot works autonomously for 8 hours. At a certain level of charge the robot reports “Low battery”, then after the next threshold, the robot displays a message on the screen that asks to send it back for charging. After achieving the critical level of battery charge the robot interrupts the current process and goes to the charging station. After fully recharging the robot autonomously returns to the workplace.

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