Presentation of Promobot V.3

Since 2013, our company is actively engaged in the creation of service robots-assistants. After the first year of work, we have understood the needs of the market and released Promobot V.2. After Promobot V.2 became the best selling service robot in Europe, we realized, in what direction we need to take the next step. We expanded the team, equipped ourselves with the most modern equipment and the most advanced knowledge in robotics, and have completed the development of the third generation of our robots.

Promobot V.3 does not go counter to Promobot V.2, but expands our product line and increases the number of covered markets.
This autumn, we invite everyone reading this message, to the official presentation of the third generation of Promobot. This is, without exaggeration, the largest presentation of technological projects in Russia. You will see something what never happened before.

Each participant will become a part of the history of robotics in Russia and the first to learn the latest trends and tendencies of the development of the industry. During the presentation all the features of the new product of the largest company creating service robots in eastern and northern Europe – the company Promobot, will be revealed.

The presentation will be organized in accordance with international standards for events. During the demonstration, we will speak about the history of the company, the key reference points, about the stages of development of the company,. about the robots of the first and second generation, about the intermediate versions. The functions of each of them will be spoken about.

The culmination of all the event will be the demonstration of the new generation of robot Promobot. Specifications of the robot will be disclosed. We will demonstrate new options, possibilities and abilities of the robot. At this stage, all the details of the third version of the robot are kept in secret, and each person, involved in the development, signed a multi-page nondisclosure agreement.

We will be glad to see you at this event. Registration is free and is available at: