How the exhibition was held: the Promobot stand and other participants | CES 2018 Diares (part 7)

It was lucky that our pavilion was near the registration area and people, having received the badge, immediately walked past our booth. We have worked out the following plan: we tell about the product, we take a business card and we propose to fill in a sheet of the potential order. Previously, we printed forty of such sheets. The client writes there his contacts, address, phone number and number of robots, which, in the long term, he plans to purchase. Legally, this document is a contract of intent, which plays an important role in the United States.

10 minutes after the opening of the exhibition

Many people criticized us and said that “this is not how the sales work in the USA”, but CES is an international exhibition, where the rules of the US market do not always work. We clearly followed our pattern. They talked about robots, took a business card, offered to fill out a list of potential buyers.

10 minutes after the opening of the exhibition

Interest in our robots at the exhibition from the first day was very large. We demonstrated the functional of communication on one robot, the other was for practical application cases. In total, the robot met several hundred people, danced fifty dances and gave a dozen interviews.

Visitors and Promobot

Even before the beginning of the exhibition, journalists from WallstreetJournal filmed a report with us. They saw our robot and with the words “Oh, this is the robot that shook Putin’s hand,” they began to take a video about it.

In total, we talked with them for about three minutes. I told them both about the application and about the prospects, but in the end, from my speech, they chose a piece about “Once a developer, made an application, after which the robot began to be able to do massage.” But the main thing is that the reporter himself told the main information.
Within three days, from 10 am to 8 pm, we presented, spoke about the product, signed documents. Helped the media and filmed reports. By the end of the exhibition me and our interpreter, (mostly took care of sales), had such good English that it was about time for us to open our own courses in business English.

It was difficult to find time, but we still went through the exhibition. The scale of the exhibition was fascinating. All the largest companies in the world gathered in one place. In our hall, at neighboring booths, there were companies such as Deloitte and Bosch. In the next hall there were Samsung, Canon, Mercedes, Nissan.

But the main feature of the exhibition was that no less than 30% of participants are companies from China. Their products have penetrated absolutely into all spheres, from media analytics, ending with unmanned vehicles, smartphones and robots.

Among all the new products that we remembered the most, we can distinguish:

  1. Yamaha’s robotic motorcycle
  2. Concept car of the future from Mercedes “Smart vision EQ”
  3. Intellectual speaker Lenovo SmartCast +
  4. The unmanned car of the future from Panasonic
  5. Train of the future Hyperloop

    This is not exactly a novelty, although we are still very impressed.

We want to say that, as a result, we were lucky with the location of the booth. We were a minute’s walk from the booths of Google, Samsung and other large companies. All the biggest presentations and statements were in the hall next to us, the whole stream of journalists and visitors, after loud statements passed us. Of course, this influenced the number of our applications and references in the media.

At the same time the robotic pavilion, where we planned to get in the beginning, was in the far pavilion, which, if necessary, could be reached by a golf cart. We have allocated time and visited the pavilion of robotics. Alas, nothing remarkable was there. The most interesting exhibit for us was a robot motorcycle from Yamaha and walking on two legs robots from Ubtech. In addition, that walking on two legs these robots can not do anything, but still it was interesting.

upright Ubtech

In the rest, we saw a huge number of flying drones, robotic mannequins, useless service robots. At the Sanbot booth there were a total of 10 robots, but visitors passed by them. They only reproduced audio files and video materials on the display.

Sanbot and Oleg Kivokurtsev

We did not find the Aldebaran booth. In the past, their robot Pepper was very popular at CES, but this year it was not there at all. The robot itself was at the booths of integrators of this product, but, in the end, did not impress anyone, but only got into negative reviews. This means that you cannot stop development, otherwise it’s easy to become unclaimed.

Team Promobot and Russian Trade Representative in the USA