Robot escaped from the testing ground

On Tuesday, June 14, we carried out planned tests of the Promobot robot. The subject of the test was a positioning system, which we will be introduced in the new generation of robots Promobot V3 (presentation will take place this Autumn). During the test, the robot moved on the range and came around various obstacles, only through such tests we manage to achieve high results in the robot movement’s development.

Testing involves testing of the autonomous movement of the robot, this robot was not carried under control. At one of the stages of the testing our engineer, who left the office and opened the landfill gates, forgot to close them. The robot, did not seeing any obstacle, quietly left testing field, he drove fifty meters, entered the roadway and stopped, because its battery was dead. We discovered the disappearance after about 40 minutes. The engineer noticed that the gate is open and saw the robot. By the time, the robot has partially paralyzed traffic as it was standing on one of the lanes. However, some drivers slowed down on purpose are to look at the robot.

A traffic jam occurred even on the pedestrian sidewalk. Passers by used their phones to take a picture of it or to make a video, children begged their parents to play with the robot.

Then came a Road Patrol Service’s worker to clarify the reason of the traffic jam, then our engineer was reprimanded by the officer and was asked to write an explanation about what happened. As a result, we had to change the place of our testing ground for the other area of our territory. Overall, positioning system has shown itself well, because the robot did not bumped into anybody and was not damaged.

Active navigation system is not the only innovation which will be a part of the new version of Promobot. It will be a completely new product for the market of service robots, which will combine all the benefits of the products in this market.
We are considering the opportunity to present the third version of our robot in San Francisco (the availability is under negotiation) during the conference TechCrunch Disrupt, September 12-14, 2016, or in Moscow at the end of September 2016.