Promobot Digest (Feb. 9)

Beginning of the year was marked by grand events that we cannot wait to be shared, but first things first.

Promobot made the list of the fifty best startups of Russia (together with the Telegram)


Today a list of the top 50 Russian startups, according to RBTH Russian Startup Rating 2016 was published. Along with the Telegram, LinguaLeo and other cool companies there is Promobot. RBTH ratings consist of new start-ups since 2012. The main objective of the project is to inform foreign investors and consumers of the potential services and Russian technology companies. Traditionally, in the rating there are the companies that would like to go out or already at the foreign markets, and start-ups with Russian participation abroad.
Startups presented in the ranking were selected on the following criteria: the interest of foreign investors, the uniqueness of the idea, the demand of foreign consumers for the products and services, the potential for commercialization, as well as social value, that is, the desire to improve people’s lives through technology. The top 50 was made up of more than 200 Russian startups that meet the requirements of the project sponsors.

Forbes 30 under 30


Oleg Kivokurtsev from the company Promobot hit the list of the most successful entrepreneurs under the age of 30, according to Forbes European publications.
The information is not new, they said about it already on all channels and wrote in most business publications, but we could not help placing it on the website. We will write how it was.
Remember the news about the Slush 2015? When Oleg went to Helsinki, he made sure that information about the company was written in a special booklet. The primary metrics used by the editors of Forbes were: turnover, age of the company, the founder’s age.
All this was reflected in the brochure, and then it randomly fell into the hands of the newspaper. So they learned about Promobot, then got in touch with Oleg. Next, they specified all the necessary information and included it to a list. They considered the whole team, but for some reason their choice was Oleg. In any case, it is a merit of the whole team and the entire staff of the Promobot company shares this victory! No Fear!

Five Promobots went to Shanghai!


Hurrah, Chinese People’s Republic is now also equipped with our technology! Robots reached it without damage or any other defects. Now the work is completed on the active linguistic database then be commissioning is going to be long, because it is not an easy matter for the robots to explore the business center of Shanghai! To work!

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