Promobot Digest (Dec. 28)

Dear friends, December is a very busy month for many of us. We picked up three of the most interesting events for recent times.

Promobot begins to learn Chinese language


As we wrote earlier, 5 Promobots will travel to China at the beginning of 2016. Because of this, a question of the adaptation of the robot to the market needs of high importance. Due to the nature of the Chinese Internet and the great Chinese firewall, a number of solutions used in Promobot is banned in China. But it does not matter, for every solution banned all over the world, there are analogues 5 in China. So we did. Because of this, we have the opportunity to go further in the direction of the Chinese language.

Promobot is the most popular robot on New Year corporate parties

Yes, it is so. New Year is a fruitful period for rental of robots. According to preliminary calculations, 6 robots of our partners regularly work together with Santa Claus at various corporate parties. 5 robots so far only received one invitation, but still. December 31 has not yet come.

Another robot became a resident of Novosibirsk

New owners of Promobot is a Charitable Foundation for Cultural Development, “The Citadel”.
BFRC “Citadel” offers services in organization of events of different size and scale. They carry out large various special projects in different cities around the world more than 9 years. Built on the existing experience and achievements, the fund “Citadel” is ready to develop and implement high-quality special projects on “turnkey” basis for a wide range of customers.
The project team will find a non-standard solution for the problem posed by the client, whether it be a business event or a celebration.
We are glad that organizations of such level interact with us and we storm the markets together! We will be glad to work together.

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