Promobot Digest (July 29)

This summer is hot, not only on the thermometer, but also for Promobot! Promobot not remained aloof from the Pokemons epidemic, met the Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation, as well as to preparing for the move to St. Petersburg.

A resident of Kuzbass sent his robot to collect Pokemons for him


An entrepreneur from Novokuznetsk Ivan Noskov trained “Promobot” robot to collect Pokémons in the popular game with augmented reality Pokémon GO. The robot explores the neighborhood in search of monsters and catches them. However it turns out to be not very efficient: Promobot is still learning to aim, so spends too many gaming shells – Pokeballs. However, the owner is still happy with his ideas.

According to Ivan Noskov, his company started out as a dealer of service robots, but recently he decided to expand the field of activity and try himself as a developer. “We have deployed the emulator of Android operating system directly on Promobot. And we decided to launch Pokémon GO on it. Robot mastered quickly and learned to play himself in the automatic mode. Now we will send it to catch Pokemons in the mall. Very interesting, what to expect”, – says Ivan Noskov.

Promobot is looking for Pokemons

According to Aleksei Iuzhakov, co-founder of “Promobot”, Robot was originally designed as an assistant, so it is not surprising that an entrepreneur from Kuzbass decided to give it the routine tasks. “On the one hand, of course, it gives a certain advantage in the game. On the other hand, Promobot is meant to be a robot assistant, why not pass a routine to him. In the autumn we will launch the third version of Promobot, and it will have even more opportunities for personal settings. So owners and dealers will be able to teach their robots even catching Pokemons, or Kant’s philosophy “- adds Alex Yuzhakov.

Promobot visited the Forum of strategic initiatives ASI


July 21 and 22 at the ENEA was a large-scale forum of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, in which experts discussed the concept of socio-economic development of Russia until 2035.
Particular attention of politicians, representatives of the universities and the business community have been attracted to the necessity of teaching children and young professionals to make them succeed in the future. The importance of education in the context of state development strategy was stressed by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who visited the event on the opening day and got acquainted with innovative projects that have been presented there. “In many ways, the success of Russia in 10, 20, 30 years depends on the knowledge, skills, we give to our younger generation today” – he said.
The President also held a meeting of the expert council of the ASI, which projects have been approved, applied for support of agencies before.

Head of State did not come up to Promobot, but the robot was visited by the minister of construction and housing and communal services of the Russian Federation Mikhail Men.

Aleksei Iuzhakov, the co-founder of Promobot was lucky to see the president himself.

First Promobots of the third version will go to St. Petersburg


Federal advertising agency “MasterIn” regional partner and distributor of Promobot, provides indoor advertising services throughout Russia.
The scope of their activities includes placement of the Russia’s and the world’s largest national brands at such venues as the Business Centers, Universities, Shopping malls and so on.

As stated by the head of the company Evgeny Vologin “With the robot, we want to enter the market of promotional services in hypermarkets, which are now almost not represented, by withdrawing this segment of the advertising business to a new level. This is the future, and only a blind man cannot see it. We are pleased to be one of the main partners of the Company “PROMOBOT” helping Russia as a whole to automate low-skilled labor and transforming our country into a great nation of the 21st century. ”

To date, more than 1,000 registrations for the official presentation of the third version of Promobot have been made, and also more than 10 pre-orders in the various sectors have been made.

Company Master-IN has signed the first supply contract.

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