Promobot Digest (July 8)

Promobot went to England and became popular in America. And now three robots welcome visitors of the largest salons in Krasnodar. As always, customers are satisfied with the attraction of customers!

Promobot greets visitors in three autocenters of Krasnodar



New employees occupied the positions of administrators. Technology does not forge ahead, business is in a hurry to optimize costs to attract customers, automate processes, increase customer loyalty and improve service quality. The largest in Southern Russia holding company decided to experiment. Robots in all the three centers of KLYUCHAVTO today greet the guests, measure the traffic and communicate with customers. Three Promobots became a part of client services in the “Hyundai Center of Krasnodar”, «NISSAN KLYUCHAVTO», «Jaguar Land Rover KLYUCHAVTO”.

“Smile, today is a great day – it meets the astonished visitors and to dispel the effect of surprise, smooths out the situation with a joke. – Why are you so surprised – it’s because I’m white? Again these prejudices. It is better to enter your phone number and date of birth, I will send you a postcard with the cats”.

Promobot is this is the first on the market, completely self-contained “live” robot with character. It is designed to work in areas of high concentrations of people, it helps with navigation, answers any questions, shows promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom it communicated.

“It the robot capable of replacing the humans? Experience shows that artificial intelligence copes with many problems much better, – says Vladimir Verbitsky, head of PR auto holding KLYUCHAVTO. – Today, robots are located at the centers on the position of trainees, the decision on employment will be made in two weeks. During the first hours of operation, after receiving the customers’ feedback, we see that Promobot attract maximum audience. They are completely autonomous and never asked for time off or having coffee or going to the smoking room”.

The Promobot company now has a Dealer in the UK


Escape from the testing ground made Promobot famous for the whole world. However, the biggest flood of letters and proposals was from Britain. Promobot was invited to take part in the exhibition at London Science Museum. Ordinary Britons wrote letters asking the owner of the robot not to kill it for its escape attempts. A new dealer from the UK immediately ordered five Promobots. One young Englishman even sent a resume to developers and added that he would like to work in this promising high-tech company.

Also, after the incident, the company “Promobot” acquired its first dealer in the UK, the company Adams Agencies Ltd, which has ordered five robots. “We organize events and will put Promobots on the exhibition stands, we will use them at the events on the occasion of the launch of new technological products, – said company spokesman Adam Kushner. – We are always looking for new robots. And of course, the popularity, which Promobot received in the UK, played a role. Just because before we did not know about it”.

The Perm office of “Promobot” received dozens of letters from all over the world in recent days. People ask not to destroy IR77, the robot with a character, which tried to escape from the testing ground for several times. The first attempt was not very successful. The robot went to the roadway on Pushkin Street in Perm, where it ran out of battery. There it stood for about half an hour, caused a traffic jam and drew a police squad.

Video from the scene of June 14:

Video from the testing ground of June 22:

Promobot became popular on US television

As many as three American television show discussed the escape of Promobot in their shows.

In the TV show the following fact was stated: “In Russia, in the city of Perm, a robot escaped from the testing ground, because the engineer accidentally forgot to close the gate. The robot does not look like the terminator; it is designed to help people in areas of high concentrations of people. As the one of the Russian TV channels shows, the robot went on the road with the words “I am a Russian robot.

Freedom is mine! (In the utterance of these words, the speaker shows Russian-robotic accent). After that, the robot’s battery died”. The discussion of the news was continued by a girl with the following words: “We are no longer alone. Artificial intelligence surrounds us. Elon Musk was right. In total, someone just forgot to close the door, and we already have problems”. She objects to the other girl-speaker: “Do not worry, this robot is not dangerous, it is cute. By the way, you succeeded copying Russian robotic accent “, – the speaker said.

The Know-about-promobot

TV show «The Know», which is produced in Texas, highlighted the news in a more lively manner. The colorful hosts, Adam Ellis, (with a beard like a Leo Tolstoy) and Joel Heyman (with haircut like John Connor) told the following: “Runaway robot made a lot of noise. The potential of the robot has been highly praised, experts suggest its participation in TechCrunch next year. E3 is the annual exhibition of computer games industry, conducted by Entertainment Software Association (ESA). The exhibition is for developers, publishers, software and hardware manufacturers and devoted to computer and video games, game consoles, electronics and computer accessories. Everyone was talking about the robot on this exhibition. The guys are on time, right now in Europe the introduction of rights for robots and classifying them as electronic entities is being discussed”.


Serious surveying show «SciFriday» highlights the situation in a little bit in different way: “Guess what? A robot fled the testing ground (laughs). It is very funny. The exterior of this robot resembles a Japanese model, but it is not a Japanese robot. Its name is Promobot. As we can see, the police arrived on the robot looks and does not understand what should they do? Perhaps he thought indeed, today I remove the robots out of the way, and tomorrow RoboCop will remove me from my job. This is worth thinking about. These incidents give us a certain signal. Autonomous vehicles have come into our lives, the population is aging. Robots are a routine”.

Media mentions

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