Promobot Digest (June 17)

Promobot gets useful contacts, learns the German language and is tries to escape. All this and much more in our fresh digest.

Today, at the international conference Startup Village 2016 in Skolkovo our favorite Promobot personally met Mike Butcher!


Mike Butcher is an editor in chief of the largest and the most influential media devoted to startups called TechCrunch. Thanks to him startups are becoming global, and small companies at the moment turn into unicorns. Every year TechCrunch organizes a conference called Disrupt. The international experts, businessmen and people from the scientific sphere take part in the conference. The conference also has an exhibition area, which is called “Hardware Alley”.
The most important unit of the event is a competition of startups Startup Battlefield. This year, we will take a chance on this field :)

Alexei Yuzhakov & Maxim Chugunov went to the St. Petersburg Economic Forum 2016


Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is a Russian annual business event in the economic sphere, held in St. Petersburg since 1997, and since 2005 with the participation of the Russian president. Every year the number of participants is more than 4 thousand people, who come from more than 60 countries. The main audience of the forum are the heads of major Russian and foreign companies, the heads of state and political leaders, prime ministers, deputy prime ministers, ministers, governors.
At the forum, Alexei and Maxim will be representing the stands of the Leningrad Region and the Association of innovative regions, naturally with robots.
The key mission of the forum is to be a practical tool for business, allowing to overcome the barriers that divide Russia and other countries, both geographically and informationally.
Certainly, the forum will be useful for our company from an international perspective.

Promobot completes the studying of the German language


Promobot actively learns different languages. And now it is time for German. The language was chosen due to the fact that today the German language is one of the most popular in Europe. We regularly travel around the various exhibitions and draw attention to the fact that the potential clients would like to see a modification with German language. This option will allow us to work more actively on the European market and implement our solutions in Germany.

Promobot broke free


On Tuesday at a routine test when one of the engineers of the company did not close the landfill gate, robot felt the spirit of liberty and went beyond the site, reached the roadway, discharged, became a reason of the traffic jam and attracted the attention of both passers-by and motorists.

Mass media

Robot on the run: Watch the bizarre moment a self-learning android escapes testing area and causes havoc on the roads (Daily Mail)
Russian ‘runaway robot’ causes traffic jam (BBC)
Russian robot gets a few hours of freedom after escaping a lab (Washington Post)

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