New Promobot release: what is it and what is new in the Release 1.9.0

In the process of working with robot developers are constantly faced with new challenges: tasks arise in the framework of the new cases of use or when testing new systems. If there is any incorrectness in the work, the experts of Promobot immediately work at their optimization.

The new release, which be available on September 12, includes significant enhancements and improvements:

  • Optimization of speed of response
    It always was interesting to communicate with our robot, and now it will delight our customers with quick response. In the result of comparative testing between the previous and new releases, it was revealed that the robot, which has a new release, responds faster by about 2 seconds.
  • Performance optimization
    Thanks to the improved algorithms, the overall load on the robot decreased by 10%, which is a lot. Early there could be overheating of the engines, even at idle, they had a constant load, as a result they could fail. New release fixed this issue – there was developed the energy-saving mode in which the load is maximally reduced, and the period of autonomy of the robot is increased.
  • The function of SIP-telephony
    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) allows the robot to make calls anywhere in the world. The function can be used in many cases: to communicate with the remote operator and notifications within the environment of implementation, and the organization of a telephone Secretary. This feature was maintained in the past, but was limited in functionality. Now it is full, has a GUI for settings that will allow anyone to use it withing a couple of minutes.
  • New meeting procedure
    The new solution gives the opportunity to meet with a robot very quickly. If the client faces the challenge to introduce the robot to a large number of people at one time, now everyone does not need to come and get acquainted with the robot. It is enough to upload photos of people to a memory stick, connect it to the robot and to start the learning procedure of the recognition system. The process does not take much time and has a very high accuracy.In addition, the robot is able to recognize the mood of the interlocutor, and now not only will determine your age and gender, but also how you feel!
  • Support of different types of scanners
    In the framework of the series of ICP (individual case of application) has been implemented and hardware solutions, including scanner A4 document scanner (passport, driver’s license) with the authentication feature. The use of a document scanner will make it easy to identify the person and verify the authenticity of the document. This solution can be integrated and already found its application in monitoring systems and access control.

Also in the release there were fixed some minor bugs of previous versions.

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