What should you give to the company, so that it would not be embarrassing?

Corporate souvenirs are ordered by companies of all levels, as it is an excellent way to attract attention to products, encourage staff for good work and create a positive image of the company.

Branded souvenirs are a tool for promotion

You can use a variety of corporate gifts for any purpose. Often they are distributed at events: promotions, presentations, exhibitions and so on. The main goal is to attract attention to the promoted brand.

The effectiveness of such a campaign depends on how much you understand your target audience. If you choose souvenirs that are relevant and relevant for it. The more successfully you will cope with this task, the more the souvenirs will be in demand and more effective. That is, either your flag will be in the nearest trash can, or your flash drive will be used and every time your logo will be noticed.

The gift should be useful and practical. Often brands give their preference to lighters, branded charms, flash drives, T-shirts and caps and so on. The souvenir or handouts can be packaged in a corporate package.

What to give to employees and customers?

In addition to distributing souvenirs at promotional events, branded souvenirs can be used inside the company as incentives for distinguished employees. This will increase the motivation of staff and improve the image of the employer.

What to give depends on the available budget and the target audience of the gift. At mass events, low-cost, but useful gifts are usually given. For example, at an exhibition you can go for brand treats, it’s cheaper than pens, flash drives and notebooks, and much more efficiently – so you will detain the audience at your booth. Plus, food is a source of endorphins, and positive emotions related to food will get to you (of course, if treats are delicious). You can use more important gifts to encourage. Pricy gifts are good to hand over to the business partners of the company.

Thanks to modern technology, you can brand anything you like.

Promobot’s corporate folders

We will tell you what gifts we use in Promobot.

  • As the organizers of the Battle of the Robots, we distribute branded sticks among the fans: they are relevant at the event and draw attention to the brand after the event, when the people are holding them.
  • Each of our employees can get branded diaries and folders. Especially if they communicate with customers and partners, introducing the company. We also made stickers and gel stickers – they are relevant for branding gadgets and other personal organizers. Particularly distinguished employees receive a bomber jacket – like the uniform of robotics, its owner does not leave unnoticed.
  • Bomber jackets are popular among partners and customers. Universal quality gift: we give it to employees who have shown themselves, we give them to loyal partners and sympathetic customers. Some of the participants in the crowdsource campaign held in December 2017 were also given bomber jackets – we received a lot of satisfied reviews, and one of them even asked the contact of the company where we sew them to make ourselves the same.

The main thing that you need to remember when making souvenirs is a reasonable saving. If you are on a tight budget, then choose alternative options, look for more favorable conditions. But you do not need to order 500 heavily cheap (usually bad) pens or small useless notebooks. Order 100 fine souvenirs and distribute them among visitors or subscribers.

So you: a) save, b) increase involvement. And those who receive them will be really happy about this, and, as a consequence, will be more loyal.

Creativeness is always the key to success. Think, if the memory sticks are actual, in an era of cloud storage? Maybe a portable battery is much more necessary for your audience, and if you put your logo on it, it will be useful, pleasant, and therefore an effective gift. Because the positive impression of the gift will be shared with your company. It will be associated with the impression made by the souvenir. Now there are many companies that offer to put your logo on a variety of things: anti-stress toys, blankets, opener, leather bags, toys – anything. You only need to understand that it will be in demand and effective.