How to name your robot

The name is the most complex and responsible part of any product. The success of your business depends on the name of it, especially if it concerns such an innovation as a robot. Whether you invented your robot or purchased it to rent – the name of the robot affects the effectiveness of the promotion.

We bring to your attention an advice on choosing a name. These recommendations are based on our experience and we gladly share them with you.

First, the image of the desired robot appears, then it becomes a reality. It is important that the name is combined with the appearance of the robot, reflects its idea and mood, helping the person to perceive it the way you intended.

Think about the industry you are working in, find what you are most proud of and attach to the root of the word, or to the name of your brand robotic root “bot”, “throne”, “prime”, “droid”, “er”, or any other.

Take this issue as seriously as possible and name the robot so that it is as effective as possible for you.

For example, the name of the company Promobot is formed from the merger of words Promoter and robot. In the same way, Robonaut (robot + astronaut) – a humanoid robot NASA, created to work on the ISS, received its name.

How to name your robot
Robonaut robot

You can use the abbreviations:

  • Aibo is an abbreviation in English: Artificial Intelligence RoBOt, and in Japanese aybo means “love”, “affection”, and also can mean “comrade”;
How to name your robot
Robot Aibo
  • Robot from the same name cartoon WALL-E – also an abbreviation, formed from waste allocation load lifter, Earth-class (Earth-class loader). It turned out a harmonious name, combined with the appearance of this nice mechanism.
How to name your robot
Robot WALL-E

The robot is a complex, high-tech, robotic product. It helps you to associate your brand with future and innovation. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid names that contrast with the generally accepted image of the future. Such as:Vasily, Anatoly, Petrovich, Arkady, Innokenty, Fedor, etc.

Some human names and their derivatives are common. The impression produced by high technologies is broken, when the synthesized voice pronounces the name of the robot: “Petrovich”.

– The name of everyday inanimate objects
Tangerine, Table, Chair, Balcony, Bolt, Staircase, etc.

The robot is part of the social environment. Anthropomorphic robots are perceived as animate objects. If a robot has a name – this is the name of an inanimate object, then a person has a cognitive dissonance. This makes communication difficult.

– Political and religious names
Communist, Liberal, Patriot, Obama, Merkel, Putin, Medvedev, Patriarch, Bishop, Mullah etc.

Do not give a name that will cause mixed emotions in people who interact with the robot.

– Names that are a trademark
C3PO, BB8, R2D2, etc.

The use of trademarks is regulated by law and can be punished for unauthorized use.

Adhering to these simple recommendations, you with great success will come up with the name of your work, and, as you know, the ship will float as you call it. We wish you success!