Promobot Digest (November, 1)

We tell you why Promobot went to Paris, about our new production, as well as share with you the new release of the video project from Forbes, in which Aleksei Iuzhakov talks about the future, where robots are an integral part of it.

Promobot has represented Russia at the EXPO-2025 contest

В The presentation of the participants of the contest for the world exhibition in 2025 was held in Paris. Among the contestants is Russia, in our country, it is proposed to hold an exhibition on the topic of “Transforming the world: innovation and a better life for future generations.” Besides Russia, Azerbaijan and Japan participate in the competition.

More than a hundred diplomats and delegates of the BIE were invited to participate in the event. They presented the Russian application with the topic ” Transforming the world: innovation and a better life for future generations”, which is dedicated to how to improve the quality of human life through innovative solutions.

Oleg Kivokurtsev with the robot Promobot were a part of the delegation. They told about the “New reality” block, which will be presented at the exhibition. The main task of the block is to show the possibilities and prospects of digitalization of industry, business, education, health and the economy as a whole. Visitors of the “New reality” block will see how life is improving with the help of ICT, the Internet of things, big data analysis, robotics, the introduction of artificial intelligence, blockchain.

By the way, Promobot came to Paris from Romania, our partners, Bucharest Robots, provided it for the event. You can find them on Instagram or LinkedIn.

New Promobot manufacturing

The new production area is four times larger than the previous one. While some departments are finishing repairs, the Assembly is already fully carried out at the new location. What are the pros? The fact that the robots will be assembled faster and better. Thanks to the new production site, the company will be able to produce at least 100 robots per month by 2022.

On the basis of the new premises, the company has great potential for growth over the next five years.

“The last move was two years ago. We’ve grown a lot since then. – says Aleksei Iuzhakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Promobot – After a number of major transactions in the spring and summer, it became obvious that it is problematic to cope with existing obligations in the current environment. We have been looking for a site for a long time – we need special technical conditions, convenient location for both employees and logistics processes. This area was found at the factory of Morion. By the way, it is planned to create a large Technopark, where innovative companies and startups will be gathered. This creates an excellent environment for growth and communication. The new location will allow us to develop for the next 3-5 years.”

Aleksei Iuzhakov explained all the complex things using the simple words

In the new Forbes video project “Simply about complicated” businessmen and experts explain complex technologies in simple words and with real-life examples.

Easy to say: “artificial intelligence”or ” blockchain”. But what lies behind these words, what are these technologies capable of and how to understand what is reality and what are just fantasies?

In the next series of the project, the head of the company “Promobot” Aleksei Iuzhakov talks about how robots invisibly surrounded us. Why do humanoid robots appear so slowly, will they be expensive or cheap in the future? And should we be afraid that smart machines will replace people and deprive them of their work?

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