Promobot Digest (October, 17)

Participation in Gitex and in the all – Russian forum of the MFC, as well as a new service for creating dances and gestures for robots Motion Studio Service-read the details in the digest of Promobot.

Create your own movements with Motion Studio Service

“A speaker who does not know what to do with his hands should shut his mouth with them,” one of the aphorisms says. So no need for Promobot to gag itself because now its gestures know no bounds.

The developers of Promobot created “Motion studio service” – an online service, thanks to which robot users create scripts to control gestures, facial expressions and movement of the robot.

With the help of a convenient and intuitive interface, anyone can create unique dances, gestures and emotions for the robot.

You do not need to have special skills to work in Motion Studio Service. It is enough to have access to a web service, to design the necessary scenario consisting of movements and to load it into Promobot.

Promobot at Gitex consumer electronics exhibition in Dubai

In Dubai from 14 to 18 October, there is the largest technology exhibition in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia – Gitex. It has already been held for 38 times and gathers leading companies and startups from around the world.

Promobot participates in the exhibition with the application case “Concierge” for business centers and residential buildings. The robot integrates with access control, issues passes, and registers visitors.

Clear application and real use, coupled with the charm of the robot meets the interest of potential customers.

This year the exhibition is dedicated to the city of the future. In addition to the robot-concierge, the exhibition presents developments in the field of artificial intelligence, smart home and smart workplace systems, blockchain and many other things that will become an integral part of our future life.

Promobot at the all-Russian forum of the MFC

In Russia, there are multifunctional centers (MFC) where citizens can receive public services: obtain documents, issue payments and so on. Promobot is in demand in this area and is already working in the offices of MFC Perm and Salekhard in Russia.

Robots help to fill out an application, scan documents, check whether the visitor has taken all the documents with him. With the help of Promobot, you can find out the status of readiness of the ordered documents, pay the state fee and get advice on services.

The event was attended by about 500 people: heads of subjects of the Russian Federation, Federal Executive authorities, heads and specialists of MFC.

Promobot made a great impression, which means that soon your city may receive an innovative employee of the MFC!

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