Promobot Digest (October, 4)

The company is actively working on development of the international market. Our team meets interest from potential customers everywhere. Readiness of the market to meet the innovations in the service sector is also obvious. Let’s speak about the latest developments in this digest. Enjoy!

Business visit of Aleksei Iuzhakov in Canada

Aleksei Iuzhakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and David Chagalidze, head of technical support, went to Canada to meet with new partners Promobot in North America personally.

The first robot arrived in Canada in August and immediately took part in the exhibition.

In September Aleksei Iuzhakov personally arrived in Canada. And began to actively work on the promotion of the service robot in the market together with partners of Promobot in Canada. For three days they held 9 presentations, where the robot has been consistently making a positive impression.

The potential for labor automation is huge, as the labor cost in Canada is very high. Several companies are showing great interest in the development and implementation of Promobot for their business, for example: Vaughan Mills is one of the largest shopping malls in Canada. Or Ontario Science Centre – science centre in Toronto where the actual implementation of the robot as a laboratory bench for development of robotic skills is considered. A clinic in Richmond hill is interested in the robot as a means of optimization of traffic system for staff.

By the way, in Canada we were very lucky with the team. Young and ambitious professionals who are willing to take risks, to dare and to develop new market.

Business visit of Oleg Kivokurtsev to Singapore

Oleg Kivokurtsev, development Director of the company Promobot, visited the forum RSBF in 2018 devoted to the 60th anniversary of Russian-Singapore trade relations as a part of the Russian business mission.

After a speech at the forum he managed to make a lot of contacts. Including large repercussions mentioned in the presentation case of the use of the robot in airports – where the robot performs the function of the information stand: robot helps find your reception or the way to the room of mother and child, as well as helping to call a required employee. Taking into consideration the area of the terminals, such an assistant can be very useful.

Singapore’s economic miracle has become a reality thanks to high-tech industries. Today it is one of the most developed countries. In 2014 Singapore took the 7th place in the world and the 1st place in the asian region in the international ranking of innovation, which is compiled every two years. The fact that Promobot was warmly welcomed by the business audience is a valuable indicator.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Promobot meets the requirements of exports to the EU.

Over the past few months several customers from the European Union came to Promobot, and now the robot Promobot is in the UK, Germany, Latvia, Spain, Switzerland, Romania.

In summer products of Promobot received a document confirming that it fully complies with the EU requirements to the goods distributed in its territory. Namely:

  • Requirements of export and import
  • Safety Requirements when working with people
  • Requirements when applying for insurance
  • Requirements in getting into to balance sheet and leasing services
  • Requirements for participation in the tender purchases when you work in the EU

Let’s do it!

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