Promobot Digest (September, 5)

One of the most interesting and informative digests of Promobot! Don’t miss the new interesting case of the application, how the developers of Promobot improved robot, and one cool bonus in the form of massive dance of robots. In detail in our digest:

In the United States Promobot learned to recognise the weapons and prevent the shootings

The robot Promobot is originally from Russia, but popular around the world and in many spheres, including security. Today in the USA Intellitronix developed a case of the application of Promobot, where the robot will determine the presence of weapons at students and other school visitors. The robot was even featured stories on American TV: FoxNews and Cleveland19.

If the robot sees the gun, sounds an alarm and sends notifications to the police and parents. Now the arms can be hidden from the robot, but by the end of the year, the developers intend to equip Promobot with infrared camera to improve the detection rate.

It is now being negotiated with individual schools in the United States. In addition to determining the threats, the robot can be useful in the educational process, it is able to communicate and maintain dialogue.

New release for Promobot

Development Department of Promobot is constantly working on the optimization of the robot. The new release, which be available on September 12, includes significant enhancements and improvements: optimized speed of response, implemented SIP-telephony, enhanced battery life and much more.

One of the key updates is the processing procedure of acquaintance with the robot. The new solution makes it possible to introduce a robot with the right people very quickly with no additional questions or movements. If the client will be challenged to familiarize a large number of people at one time with the robot, now it can be done from the settings menu of the robot: it is enough to upload photos of people to a memory stick, connect it to the robot and to start the learning procedure of the recognition system.

The process does not take much time and has a very high accuracy. In addition, the robot now recognizes the mood of the interlocutor!

Read more about the release and new features of Promobot in our blog by clicking on this link.

In Kazakhstan was recorded a dance of 11 Promobot robots

11 Promobot robots danced in Kazakhstan. Their synchronized dance took place in the exhibition center Astana-Expo.

Promobot has supplied 17 robots-consultants to work with the visitors center — they will tell you about the exhibits and activities in different languages. Four robots were bought by the national “Kazpost” for their office and one was purchased by NSK insurance company.

By the way, how to support such a large number of robots, what is warranty service of Promobot and how many people you need to serve more than three hundred robots around the world, will tell the head of technical support of Promobot – David Chagalidze under broadcast on Vkontakte on thursday the 13th of September.

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