Promobot Digest (July, 18)

Company Promobot signed an agreement on intentions with Vnesheconombank Innovations on investments of 450 million rubles. In addition, the company has a number of news.

As Robocop said: “We, practically ARE the military.” Why do we quote Robocop and where is the militaries – the answers are in our digest.

“Vnesheconombank Innovations” will invest 450 million rubles in the Russian manufacturer of robots Promobot

At Innoprom 2018 was signed an agreement of intent between Vnesheconombank’s subsidiary Vnesheconombank Innovations and Promobot. Under the terms of the agreement, ” Vnesheconombank Innovations” will invest 450 million rubles in the Russian manufacturer of service robots. Promobot plans to focus the investments on the modernization of the product line, the development of production and the scale of business.

“We need to scale production to fulfill existing orders, and also to increase the pace of R&D to remain competitive in the global market. We are actively looking for a strategic partner who will share our views on the development of Promobot, and we will be happy if Vnesheconombank becomes it, “says Aleksei Iuzhakov, chairman of the board of directors of Promobot.

One-time delivery of 17 robots for Astana EXPO


As said Robocop: “We, practically ARE the military.” Indeed, the line of 17 robot consultants looks impressive. The army of innovative employees entered the largest exhibition center of Central Asia – Astana EXPO.

Now the 8-storey building of the exhibition center is the most robotic building in the world: there are 2 robots on each floor, and three on the floor with the entrance. Robots will communicate with visitors, talk about the exhibits of the center, help with navigation. Promobots support Russian, English and Arabic, which is especially important in the multicultural audience of this site.

In the near future, robots will begin their work in the framework of events such as Astana Finance Days and the XIV World Islamic Economic Forum.

Promocop: Promobot supplied a robot policeman to Kazakhstan


The Russian company Promobot has developed a robotic policeman for the Department of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, not only does it have the ability to communicate and move, it has unique functions necessary for the work of the law enforcement officer:

  • The system of recognition of fingerprints to instantly carry out fingerprinting and verify data with the existing database of DIA;
  • A single base of faces for the robots, by which they will recognize the person being wanted, and notify the police of his location;
  • Standalone DVRs, which are in round-the-clock mode that conduct video surveillance and video recording of everything that is happening in real time, and store materials for two weeks on the built-in media, which allows you to save data regardless of the connection to the network;
  • Monitoring the audio phone and responding to words of potential danger. Alerting the police with the recognized keywords using a letter or a call.

Earlier, the introduction of autonomous law enforcement officers was conducted in the UAE and the US, but the functions implemented on Promobot are being introduced into robotics for the first time.

The introduction of a robot policeman took place within the framework of the state program of Digital Kazakhstan – now in the state, at all levels, there are departments of digitalization. Therefore, state structures show interest in robots and contribute to their introduction into the structure.

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