Promobot Digest (June, 27)

All of you could notice the contract of Promobot with the American partners. During the week, our colleagues were in the United States and met with partners and well-known compatriots, visited the Silicon Valley and the Global Pitch Russia event. More about this is in the Promobot digest

Promobot signed a contract for the supply of 2800 robots

Russian robotic assistants Promobot will appear in the US. Developing the robots Perm company signed a contract to supply 2,800 of robots to the American company Intellitronix, which will be an exclusive distributor of robots. This was reported to the “Vedomosti” by the chairman of the board of directors of Promobot Aleksei Iuzhakov and the general director of Intellitronix Paul Spivak. According to them, the exclusive right to distribute will cost the American company $600,000, and for the whole set of robots Intellitronix can pay up to $56.7 million within five years, as the contract was designed for that period.

In 2018, Promobot will supply about 75 robots in the US, in the future, supplies should increase in order to achieve 100 pieces per month by 2022. According to Iuzhakov, now Promobot has already received an advance payment before the end of 2018, and in the future there will be monthly payments. The partners do not disclose the final price of the robot in the US.

“The robot did this evening”

On June 12, at the Russian Embassy in Washington, a solemn reception was held in honor of the Day of Russia. 800 people were invited to the event, including Aleksei Iuzhakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Promobot, and the robot itself

The invitation was promoted by colleagues from Skolkovo, they handed over an invitation to the event from the Embassy. It turned out that in Washington they signed up for Promobot in social networks and long dreamed to get acquainted.

At the event, the robot communicated with the guests, invited everyone to the World Cup. No one remained indifferent. Many approached Aleksei, expressed their readiness to support and promote.

“Your robot did this evening!” exclaimed one of the guests. And this is incredibly inspiring.

Aleksei Yuzhakov with Leo Antonovich Bokeria – an outstanding cardiac surgeon, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

Aleksei Yuzhakov with Anatoly Antonov, the Russian ambassador to the United States