Promobot Digest (May, 3)

LABOUR DAY read about it in the digest about the news that took place in Promobot during this week: participation in the Labour Day demonstration, delivery to Ghana and even engagement.

Promobot took part in the Labour Day demonstration

Promobot digest

Previously, the Labour Day processions were headed by the best of the best of representatives of the organization, and this year the Moscow festival parade was headed by the robot Promobot – the result of the tireless work of Russian developers from Perm.

The jubilee 90th season in Gorky Park opened on May 1 with the LaLaGo festival procession. The first one which went to the alleys are cyclists, behind them was Promobot, it led a column of young park visitors on running bikes, professional skaters and runners.

The organizers of the LaLaGo parade entrusted Promobot to lead the Labour Day procession to show that robots are not futuristic fantasies, but real today’s everyday life. Technologies become an integral part of all spheres of our life. Robots surround us everywhere, help in everyday life – in work, school and sports.

Engagement starring Promobot

Promobot digest

Initially, the holiday of Labour Day was a symbol of revolution and class struggle, and now it’s just a bright spring holiday, which gives us 4 days off. Of course, most will spend it with their families. And we have one more family here – employee of Promobot has made a proposal to the girl together with the robot.

The fourth version of the Promobot supported its creator in this difficult and responsible step:
“Venerochka, marry him!”

More in the video, and Venera of course said “yes!”.

Promobot in Africa!

Promobot digest

Traveling around the world Russian robots Promobot got to Africa. The first Promobot v.2 flew to Ghana on April 12. It took part in a major music award Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, where it met guests, advised them on issues of interest, entertained, worked as hostess.

The robot was bought by a mobile operator Vodafone. In the future, the company wants to use Promobots not only as promoters, but also for narrow business cases in Vodafone stores. In addition, robots will participate in major events throughout the African continent.

“We expect that the robot will become a full-fledged employee in the store, it will communicate with visitors, advise on various issues, help them to solve their problems,” said Geoffrey Adadevo, representative of Vodafone Africa.

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