Promobot Digest (April, 16)

One of the main goals for the year for our company was the expansion of the geography and international cooperation. The news of the last two weeks will only confirm the determination in achieving the goal: the participation of the Promobot in the reception of the Embassy of Chile and the event in Dubai, as well as the delivery of the robot to Australia. Details are in our digest.

Promobot took part in the British Petrolium congress in Dubai

Promobot digest

A congress of representatives of the oil industry was held in the UAE, in which Promobot, the consultant of the future and the symbol of innovations, took part. At the event, he greeted the guests, and also delivered a speech on the existing technological innovations.

“Work at events and in places full of people is one of the business cases of using Promobot, in which the robot is responsible for attracting the flow of customers, increasing their loyalty and automating business processes.” It meets customers, communicates with them, remembers the regular ones, advises on issues related to new services, it is really a symbol of new technologies, a guide to the world of the future, “ said Oleg Kivokurtsev, co-founder and director of development of Promobot.

Embraced by strangers: Promobot in Chile

Promobot digest

In March, at the opening of SingularityU Chile Summit was held a meeting between US diplomats and the Chilean business community. The event discussed the assistance of states in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. At this meeting there was also a Perm robot Promobot. It talked with all the guests, and at the grand opening it presented flowers to the US Ambassador and Barbara Silva, the Executive Director of the Singularity University of Chile and Colombia.

“Yesterday the SingularityU Chile summit was launched and look at who we had as a special guest! It’s Neo, a very good and “flirtatious” robot “– says the official website of the US Embassy in Chile.

Promobot is for the first time in Australia

Promobot digest

Company Сountaround PTY LTD from Gold Coast, Queensland bought a robot from Promobot company to rent out, stimulating the development of service robotics in Australia. From 4 to 15 April, the robot will attend the sports competitions of Commonwealth Games 2018. There will be participants from 71 countries and they will compete in 18 disciplines. Promobot will help guests of the Gold Coast: talk about events, report the latest news of sports, show the schedule of games. In addition, the robot will be able to advise interesting places to those who are for the first time in the city.

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