Promobot Digest (February, 15)

Promobot feels more confident abroad – it opens a representative office in the United States and is popular in the United Arab Emirates. We’ll tell you about Promobot’s diaries which you have not yet seen in the digest:

Promobot opens a representative office in the USA

Promobot Digest №39

We are opening our first representative office in the USA. It is planned that in the second half of 2018 we will organize a round-the-clock service of the Promobot robots in the territory of the United States.

We need to develop a strategy for working with dealers, we define a strategy for promotion in the US market, we study approaches and principles of doing business in the US. Several options of cooperation with American partners are considered: from integration to leasing and direct sales.

Promobots are as demanded in the US as in Russia – they will be museum guides, concierges, vendors, administrators and consultants. There are also a number of new directions in which robots will be introduced step by step – the cases are already being developed for the restaurant business, car dealerships, etc.

Promotion with Emirates Mail

Promobot Digest №39

The Emirates pays much attention and money to new technologies and informatization of infrastructure. So, an autonomous air taxi will soon appear in the UAE, and by 2117 the Space Center of Mohammed bin Rashid will develop the program of the first human settlement on Mars.

In the general trend of science and innovation, it seems that no one will be surprised by a robot in the mail. But nevertheless our Promobot managed to do it – it participated in the exhibition together with the Post of the Emirates. Promobot meets customers, communicates with them, remembers the regular ones and advises on issues related to new services.

Publication of CES diaries | Promobot

Promobot Digest №39

Participation in CES is a huge and interesting experience. We will gladly share it with everyone who needs it.

When we were preparing for CES, there was very little information in Russian segment of Internet about it. And the rakes, which we inadvertently stepped at, could be avoided. That’s why we helped to prepare the material for the magazine “The Secret of the company” and begin to publish the CES | Promobot diaries in which we will tell you about our adventures and how we solved the emerging issues while preparing for the largest world technology exhibition.

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