Promobot Digest (January 27)

2017 has just begun, but Promobot already has a lot of news, which it is ready to share with you!

Promobot is now in Belarus

Very soon a new Promobot is going to do its best in the Republic of Belarus. New employee of the “Robot Center”, will start its work at various exhibitions and events in Minsk. This is the first robot in the territory of Belarus, and for the Promobot company it is a new country and a point on the world map. Belarusian businessmen will be able to rent the robot and promote their services more efficiently, and potential buyers now and apply to the authorized center in Minsk instead of going to Perm.

Promobot is making progress  in Kazakhstan

The company “Enterprise Systems” has become a new partner of Promobot. Employees of the company are working on the Kazakhstan market of telecommunications for more than 10 years, and know the market and understand how to promote innovative products. Geographically, the company is located in Alma-Ata, where there is still no Promobot. Now, to effectively promote their services, entrepreneurs of Almaty will be able to rent a robot. And potential clients will be able to save time on the travelling to Perm, and immediately contact an authorized center in Almaty.

You do not know how to get to the library? Ask Promobot V.3.

Very soon, the first set of Promobot V.3.robots (Ordered at the presentation) will travel to their clients. Some robots, by the way, will work as concierges.

Promobot will be able to provide access for registered visitors, to automate the registration process of visitors, work with the visitors log and log the basic parameters. But, most importantly, thanks to the robot, the visitors will be associated with innovations and the most advanced technologies in the eyes of the customers.

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