Promobot Digest (December 19)

For quite some time haven’t Promobot released its digests. But we have gathered all the most recent and relevant news for you.

Promobot visited SLUSH 2016

From November 30 to December 1 was held «Slush 2016″, an international exhibition in Helsinki. It brought together investors, startups, journalists from around the world. Promobot had a unique opportunity to address the whole audience. At the stand presented by Russia there were 25 start-ups, among them: Marvel Mind, Cinemood, Kleiber bionics and others.

More than 100 companies from countries such as Mexico, Finland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Vietnam have expressed interest in Promobot.

At the moment, the most densely collaboration is with the company Finair – the national airline of Finland, the country’s largest airline. Maybe next year the guests of  «Slush 2017″ will be met by Promobot in the airport in Helsinki.

Also one of the guests of Slush was Mike Butcher – chief editor of the popular international TechCrunch website, which has already known about Promobot of the third version.

Promobot is now in Chile and Spain

Supply contracts for the Promobots of the second and third versions have been signed with two foreign companies at the same time. Now Promobots can be found in Chile and Spain.

A contract was signed with the company SMART SOLUTION Ingeneria Spa from Chile. As many as 5 robots are moving permanently to Chile!

Robots will be used primarily as concierges in the building, and as consultants in the shops.

SMART SOLUTION worked for 27 years on the South American market in the field of building maintenance and integration of security systems.

A contract for the supply of Promobots to a Spanish company Ger Shuler Global S.L, which has a lot of experience doing business in the market. Now the company is the official dealer of Promobot, delivery will take place in 2 steps: the first one – 3 robots, then another – 2 robots.

Promobot in the Academy of Retail

Promobot contributed to the event as part of the Academy of Retail, which was organized with the participation of Sberbank.

The founders and top managers of the strongest retailers create the Academy of Retail to modernize the system of professional education in Russia. Professionals in the industry are prepared only in a few universities in the country. Personnel shortage is growing every year. Together with universities such as MGIMO RANEPA(Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) and the HSE, Retail Academy aims to reverse the situation. A systematic approach to cooperation with universities will allow retailers to pass on their understanding of business by students and attract talented people to the industry.

Participation in the Retail Academy have already confirmed more than thirty founders and top managers of leading retail companies.

Excursions from Promobot v.3

The contract with the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia has been signed. The visitors of the museum will be able to hear a lecture from the guide Promobot v.3 already in March 2017.

Promobot at the III Congress “Innovative Practice: science plus business”

Promobot took part in the III Congress “Innovative Practice: science plus business”, which was held on December 7, 2016 in the Lomonosov Moscow State University housing. Event was organized by the Moscow Lomonosov State University and company “Innopraktika”.

Congress “Innovative Practice: science plus business” traditionally bring together representatives of science, business, development institutions and government agencies to discuss topical issues and research the mechanisms of growth of national human capital needed for the creation of the country’s innovation economy.

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