Promobot Digest (May 28)

Promobot continues to conquer Europe and is given high marks from Russian experts! What happened to the representatives of Promobot in Switzerland and France? You will learn it from the digest.

Promobot visited «Innorobo 2016″ – an international exhibition of robotic projects in Paris

The largest Europe’s international robotic exhibition Innorobo 2016 took place in Paris 24-26 May. The event was attended by the robotic projects of “Skolkovo” Foundation center, including Promobot. The leading developers of robotic solutions from around the world presented their projects at the exhibition. Promobot, as always, attracted great interest of the public and media. Unfortunately, there were no applications of supply at the exhibition, this is the feature of the conservative Western market. Before buying, people should carefully examine all aspects of the product and its application.
From competitive developments, available to buyers at the exhibition, was presented Pepper – a robot of Aldebaran company. As it turned out, it is far from being $ 2,000, as it was stated in the advertisement, and it is several times more expensive. The cost of the main competitor of Promobot provides advantages not only in functionality, but also in price.

Oleg Kivokurtsev took part in the international symposium “Leaders of Tomorrow”

Oleg Kivokurtsev, co-founder of Promobot, presents Russia and our company at the forty-sixth International Symposium “Leaders of Tomorrow”, which takes place in the city of St. Gallen (Switzerland).
The symposium brought together more than 100 businessmen and politicians from around the world under the age of 30 and more than 100 representatives of business and politics of the older generation, the so-called “leaders of today”. Among the participants were: Monaco Prince, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Baron David de Rothschild, chairman of the Nestlé Board of Directors, CEO of Hofmann’s largest pharmaceutical company and many others.
Oleg was a member of “Robotics Future” round table. During the conference, Oleg asked the expert: “What, trend in robotics, in your opinion, is the most perspective?”. What happened next, see in the video at the link below:
“What type of robots is the most promising?”.

Promobot сompany presented its products at the seventh annual forum “Days of Perm business”

On the platform the authorities and representatives of the business community met in order to discuss current issues and form a single system policy to support entrepreneurship sector. During the opening ceremony of the forum, Viktor Basargin appealed to all the present with a greeting, and said that the last 2 years, in terms of increased business in Perm region, have passed quite successfully. The number of registered small enterprises has increased by 22%.
One of the guests of the forum was from Russia-1TV channel, the author of the category “New Business” of the magazine “Expert” – Elena Nikolaeva. Elena acted as a moderator at one of the panel discussions and said about our company the following items: “Two years ago, words that the Perm region will produce robots seemed imposible. Today the Perm region produces the best robots in the world”. We are grateful to her for such an assessment and will try not to lower the bar.

Mentions in the media

Promobot Kesha handed the key to the Forum “Urban Technologies” to the Novosibirsk mayor Anatoly Lokot

Promobot created a furor among the guests of the largest international exhibition of information technologies in Hanover.

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