Promobot Digest (Feb. 25)

February is the shortest month of the year, but it turned out to be quite eventful for Promobot.

Now everyone can buy a Promobot

Although, not a real one, but chocolate …

Recently, one of the manufacturers of chocolate asked us for a permission to include Promobot in its product line. We could not deny this, and today, in some stores chocolate Promobot is already available. Together with the manufacturer, we launched a promotional campaign. Each person may place any content that he wants on the chocolate screen of Promobot , his label for the copy of the Promobot is produced independently. See how it looks in the video below.

Promobot speaking with a new voice


Now, Promobot has a new speech synthesis. At first, we thought it was the voice from the “Discovery” channel, but then we realized that this is not true. This synthesis, in our opinion, sounds more pleasant. With it Promobot pronounces the words more clearly, and is less confused in stresses. This will help to establish the most effective communications with visitors and will also allow to carry out its core functions to a new level. Some active users of the Internet, recognized the voice of Promobot – the voice module, mostly popular on live streaming service – Twitch. Indeed, we checked it and it is so. So this synthesis has already proven itself in RuNet segment. It’s time to go offline!

Map of the Promobots


Now one can track the location of each robot on our map in real time
Very often, people come to us with a question: “Where is the nearest robot?”. Now this feature is available on our website. This map shows the robot’s geolocation, after the last switching on. Do not you think, the introduction of the geography of our robots is impressive? It’s just the tip of the iceberg, soon our robots will be turned on in Shanghai, and only then, we will be able to confidently say that we have captured half the world. So do not waste time, go to our website, look for the nearest to you and go for new experiences. And buy something, do not forget to please the robot owners!

Promobot got accustomed to a new job as a seller of cars in Toyota and met with Vice President of Toyota Fumitakoy Kawashima


Promobot named VERRTER recently has taken up a responsible position – the seller of Toyota brand cars, Verra Motors network. Its main task – to provide advice about cars, to advise customers what kind of car is best to choose, to improve loyalty and mood of all visitors to the automotive center. In addition, VERRTER is able to walk the visitors to places of interest to them, to broadcast a variety of video, for example, about the stages of production of a vehicle, as well as to answer all the customers’ questions. I not had no time to get used to its position, and it was assigned to a new task – to meet and talk about the car center to the vice-president of Toyota Fumitako Kawashima! With this goal, he managed to surprise the vice-president, he was pleased. Let’s hope that the successful experience of the Russian auto dealers will be successfully applied to other Autocentres of Toyota.

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