About the results of the exhibition | Diaries of CES 2018 (part 8)

CES is the largest event in the technology industry and the top companies and leading journalists from all over the world gather there. This event is useful both from the point of view of partnership and expansion of the client base, that is, sales, and in terms of promotion and positioning. Let’s speak about the results of CES for the Promobot company.

About PR

Almost all international publications from each country came to CES. But it was not easy to attract them. In fact, in this area we competed with the leaders of the consumer electronics industry. But in fact, everything was not as scary as it seems. When we saw a man with a camera, we approached him, showed photos of robots and most of them agreed to come to us.

Thus, we have obtained a whole collection of video materials from the central media of Japan, Vietnam, the United States and other countries

In general, video reports turned out to be more than ten, in our opinion this is an excellent result.

About sales

During the exhibition we signed special sheets of preliminary orders. These sheets are an analogue of the contract of intent, they were filled by organizations that showed interest in introducing technology into their business. For three days of work on CES filled the list of potential orders from 44 companies from around the world such as: Oracle, NASA, Texas Instruments, Hyperloop, Lyft, Amazon. Areas of potential implementation: developers, casinos, shopping centers, retailers, hotels, business centers and campuses of large companies.

Top signed sheets:

  • United States — 22
  • Mexico — 6
  • China — 4
  • France — 3
Business cards and completed order sheets after the first day

In addition to these countries, representatives of Canada, Korea, Brazil, Japan, Turkey, Germany, India, Austria, Israel, Poland, Thailand, the Netherlands and Panama were interested in Promobot products.

The largest pre-order was a request from the representative of the UAE for 200 Promobot V.2 and 300 Promobot V.4. Everything was very simple. The man turned to our interpreter with the question “How to buy?”, then filled out the document, entered the number of robots in the fields, put a signature, wished a good day and went on.

Having realized what had happened, we ran up to him and asked what his interest was connected with. In response, we heard that a potential robot owner builds business around the world and is engaged in servicing residential and commercial assignments. He sees how to use our robots and whom to sell. We shook hands and now we continue to communicate.


Summarizing, we can distinguish the following important things that may be useful to Russian companies in the future.

  1. The application for participation in the exhibition must be submitted no later than June, otherwise it may not be lucky with the location. We were lucky.
  2. Choose a booth in the center of the hall, since the traffic of people here is more than at the entrance or exit.
  3. You do not have to purchase sponsorship packages, if you know how to draw attention to your booth, feel free to approach and invite.
  4. Do not bring advertising materials with you, order its printing on the spot. This will save you from the risk of loss during the flights.
  5. Come early to have time to resolve all unforeseen situations.
  6. Be sure to ask the organizers about all possible types of expenses. For example, the storage of boxes turned out to be a paid service – $1,000 for three days.
  7. Do not rent chairs, televisions and other things. Buying them in the store will be several times cheaper.
  8. Prepare agreements of intent, fix the interest of your products in writing. In this case, the probability that the counterparty will subsequently sign a real contact with you is above 50%.
  9. Do not forget about medications. After long flights it is necessary to be full of energy.
  10. If you are a technology company and you are striving to be global, be sure to participate

In general, we were satisfied with the exhibition. A unique experience that we are happy to share with others. Having counted the number of applications for robots, we realized that the total amount is approximately $10 million. Of course, there is a long time to conclude contracts and agree on terms of delivery, but even if 10% of the declared will be realized, it will be possible to say that CES was very efficient for us.