Arrival. Three days before the exhibition | CES 2018 Diares (part 6)

Having arrived in Las Vegas, we lost two important pieces of baggage in one of which were vital parts and tools, in another promotional materials and the whole merchandise. We also lost half of the team, which was still in London when we arrived. It’s good that we arrived in advance, otherwise it would be complete fail.

We had three days left before the exhibition, so we did not lose heart and went to the hotel. Even at the airport we noticed one distinctive feature of Las Vegas: any room that is connected to electricity and heating is a casino. In each hall of the airport there were slot machines. There were slot machines in the waiting room. In the baggage claim room stood a table with roulette.

Arriving at the hotel, we were not at all surprised to see a full-fledged gambling hall with shiny lights. The most popular jokes of that evening were jokes about “problems with access to joycazino.”

Arrival at the final destination pleased us, I would like to get to the booth more quickly and see if everything is in place.

Battery received

The next day, since the morning, we went to our booth. We were lucky with the location. At CES, there were only 3 places where participants were registered. One of them was in our Westgate pavilion which name was SmartCity. The other was outside our pavilion next to the booths of Google, Hyperloop and other companies located outside. The third was completely far away in the pavilion, to which it was necessary to go by bus.

Having received the badges, we went to our booth and bingo! Two boxes with robots were already waiting for us at our booth, outlet, accessories and Internet wire. We unpacked the robots, took out the whole tools and rejoiced again. Robots flew half the world and were all right! Nothing was damaged and everything worked like a clock.

At the end of the day, we were asked to put stickers with the booth number on the boxes, after which the loader took them to a special storage. At the end of the exhibition we were billed for storage. It was $ 1000, a quarter of the cost of renting the booth. Of course, no one has warned us about this.

Building a booth

The next day, the rest of the team and the second arm arrived, but not baggage with promo materials. Robots arrived with batteries, the battery from the manufacturer in the US we also came. We stopped worrying about this, but time was short, and without business cards and leaflets we did not want to participate in the exhibition. Just though we had the inscription on the booth with the number and name of the company, but without the banner it looked dull.

Building a booth

Then, we remembered that in one of dozens of letters, we received a proposal about printing from one of the companies in Las Vegas, which was established by former citizens of Russia. We turned to them. We described the whole situation, and by the evening of the same day we already had all the promotional materials, business cards, leaflets, banners and even metal structures on which the banner was installed. It turned out to be more expensive than doing it in Russia, but cheaper than ordering from other companies.

Booth ready to work

As promised, on January 7 we switched on the Internet. That is, on January 8 – the day before the beginning of the exhibition, we had an absolutely ready booth with everything that was necessary. The team was all together, the printing was ready, the luggage came to us, the spare battery arrived.

Checked by US Customs. Such a sheet we found in the luggage, which was late.