Sending stuff | CES 2018 Diares (part 5)

The flight was difficult. The route consisted of four flights: Perm – Moscow – Paris – Atlanta – Las Vegas, the connections between the flights were very short, only 2 hours each. I worried a lot during the flight.

Our second group got the opposite situation. First, because of the frosts in New York, they changed tickets from Helsinki to New York, London, and then to Las Vegas. The next flight to London, they waited the whole day. Having arrived in London we found out a flight to Las Vegas was delayed for another five hours, so they lost a whole day and a half.

Our group, having arrived in Atlanta, as it should be when transplanting from international to domestic airlines, went to receive baggage. We got the baggage with the robot’s arms. We had no time to wait, so we notified the airport administration about the lost baggage, we were given a tracking number and we went further.

We had 1,5 hours before the flight, but there was a surprise. At the exit we were asked to stop and go to a special room to get the contents of our trunks inspected. In the room we were met by an elderly black woman who, looking to the distance, made a gesture with her hand and pronounced “Allthewayup”. It was so vigorous that we decided that it would look good in this video:

Another customs officer asked us to put trunks into a special zone, picked up our tickets, passports and a piece of baggage, and began to look at the passport of one of our colleagues for two minutes. He did not leaf through the pages, he just looked at one point. He thickened his eyebrows, curved his mouth, it seemed that he was considering a law on including the Republic of Costa Rica in the United States of America at this moment.

Two minutes later he put aside the passport. He went to the zone where the trunks laid. Asked me to open one and let us go. Thanking the emperor of the customs, we passed on, handed the arms and quickly rushed to the next plane. We managed, at last, to quietly exhale and flew to the final point – Las Vegas.

After four hours, landing in Las Vegas, we went for baggage. We got the first arm at once, but the second one was not there at all. Having reached the airline counter, we found out that they had not put our arm on the plane, because there was not enough room in it.

We were solemnly handed a gift set of the traveler, which includes necessary things such as a toothbrush, a razor, a comb. We wrote down the address of our hotel and handed a track number on which it is necessary to track lost baggage.

Thus, until the world’s largest machinery exhibition there were only a few days, and our robot  was without an arm and a battery …