Site organization. Participant’s online profile | CES 2018 Diares (part 3)

In the letter we received a whole list of links to the suppliers of the services for the show, which we had to contact in order to set everything. In order for our booth to have electricity, we had to write to one CES contractor, for the Internet – to another, for the fittings – to the third, and so on for each issue. This meant that there were no single window or exhibition manager, as it usually is at exhibitions in Russia. The participant must completely assume the organization of all infrastructure at the exhibition.

We were given access to our online profile, where we could:

  • buy a sponsorship package – according to it the logos of companies get to the banners, brochures, websites, etc.,
  • register our employees and contractors for the construction of the booth,
  • change information about the company on the official website of the exhibition in the section of exhibitors,
  • track the visits to our page.

After studying the information, we went to the action. First of all, we filled out an application for an Internet connection, since we need it for the work of robots. Secondly, we filled in the application for electricity, since all of our devices needed to be charged. Last but not least, we filled in the application for the fittings.

All this was carried out through the website of the official contractor of CES for the construction of the exhibition – the Freeman company.
It looks like this.

CES 2018 diaries

order form of Freeman 

You need to choose the right contractor service, click on the link, explore the menu, add to the basket, then go to payment, choose a convenient method (receipt, card or invoice) and pay.
To say that prices were biting is not to say anything. For example,

  • Internet for 3 days at CES costs $ 550. This means that when you come to the booth, a wire will stick out of the floor, which can be plugged into the computer. If you want to have a router, be kind enough to pay another $ 4000.
  • Electricity for three days, costs $ 300, each additional outlet is another $ 100.
  • But furniture – it is something outstanding. The curbstone, which we usually use at all shows, costs $ 600 for three days, and three plastic chairs cost $ 150.

Realizing that speaking of the electricity and the Internet, we had no alternative, we paid for the services of the contractor. But the furniture was cheaper to buy than to rent. We were afraid of wasting time and did not want to run around Las Vegas with chairs on the last day before the show, and because of that we paid the invoice and rented furniture.

CES 2018 diaries

Such a magnificent chair costs $ 50 per day. 

Three days later we received a payment confirmation. It is necessary that everything should be on the booth two days before the exhibition. We did not provide a specified date for the provision of services to us in any letter. We were afraid something could go wrong. We began to call the services of Freeman Customer Service, the automatic system switched us from one department to another, but in a couple of hours after the first call, we collected all the contact persons, and these people were responsible for their direction is at CES.
We have obtained from them written confirmation that the Internet, electricity and furniture will be on January 7, exactly two days before the exhibition.