Applying for participation | CES 2018 Diares (part 2)

When applying, it is important to choose the correct time of filing and successfully choose the location of the booth. We were lucky, but it is better to prepare for the exhibition in advance. Then you have more chances to choose an area in the center of the hall and to achieve greater efficiency of the booth. Also, do not be upset if there is no place in the hall with your direct competitors. Pay attention also to adjacent sections. About our experience of applying for an application read in today’s article.

A long story about a booth

Having firmly decided to participate, we wrote an application on the official website of the exhibition. We filled in all the necessary fields, indicated that we wanted to be exhibited in the pavilion “Robotics”, made a brief description of the company and attached all the files that were needed.

A day later we received an answer saying “Thank you for the application, but all the places in the Robotics pavilion have been booked. If the reservation is canceled, we will contact you. Have a good day!”. Naturally, in reality it meant that there were no more places left. We did not like this answer, and after waiting for the evening (the difference between our time and time in Las Vegas is 13 hours), we called the phone number mentioned in the letter. Having explained that we really need a booth, and we are ready to be placed not necessarily in the pavilion of robotics, we asked to work out other options for renting. A girl named Daniel, uttering the standard praises of politeness, announced that there were no booths at all and wished us a good day. Also, she promised to email us, if someone’s booking is canceled.

A day later we wrote her again, and then wrote again in two days. The answer was similar. Everything is booked, in case of cancellation we will inform you.

Map of CES 2018

Map of CES 2018

Obviously, we did not give up that easy and called another number mentioned on the website. A girl named Alex answered the phone (yes, for some reason they both had male names). We did not say a word about robotics, we began the conversation with clarification “in which pavilions are there any free booths?”.

Deliberateness of the question gave us information that there are as many as two pavilions, where there are free booths, namely “Auto sound” and “SmartCity”. We asked to book a place for us in SmartCity and immediately asked to send an invoice. Alex agreed and requested an email to send instructions on the application. In 15 minutes we received a letter, in the copy of which was added the head of the pavilions of SmartCity and Robotics – our friend Daniel.

We filled in everything we needed and sent it back. After that, we received a greeting from Daniel, which was the following text: “Guys, hello. There is no news in the Robotics pavilion. Do you want in SmartCity? Tell us how your technology relates to this industry? “. After that, we described that our robots are working in the industry of smart cities, as administrators, promoters, hostesses, museum guides in different areas full of people, such as cinemas, museums, shopping malls, business centers, which, in turn, are part of the infrastructure of smart cities. In response, Daniel wrote that “yes guys, I’m glad that you have such cool technologies, we will be happy to see you at CES” and took off further instructions.

Exactly seven days after the decision to take part we won the first victory and began to study the documents. They gave us a choice: to reserve a booth with an area of 10 square meters for $ 4,400 or 60 square meters. meters for $ 44,000.

Since, we planned to carry only two robots, of course, we chose 10 square meters. From the proposed methods of payment, we were offered three options: payment by check, payment by bank card and payment by invoice.

We chose to pay by the invoice, signed the agreement through the web application docusign (in the United States this type of document is legitimate), received an invoice and paid.

Two days after the payment, we received confirmation, congratulations on the fact that we are participating and instructions on how to proceed. But it was too early to celebrate …

It is important not to give up and be persistent in resolving issues. It is advisable to apply in June, while all areas are free and look for those who are organizing the national delegation to the exhibition. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of organizing the infrastructure and take a more advantageous position. Read about our infrastructure in our next article.