Robot-employee of the bank

Always friendly robot will help you to get a queue management ticket, tell about the products of the bank and collect feedback from visitors. It can even conclude an agreement with the client for the services of the bank.


  • Autonomous movement avoiding obstacles. The robot does not need control and constant technical support. The robot works in an autonomous mode and moves purposefully, approaching to people.
  • Demonstration of promotional materials. 90% of the information is perceived through sight. Thanks to the built-in display, the robot can show images and videos relating to your bank, its products, and tell about its procedures and services.
  • Recognition and memorization of persons. Promobot has a meeting mode: it offers to get acquainted the person who comes to it, learns the name of this person, remembers the facial features and records them into the database. If, after a while, it sees him again, it will definitely greet and address by name to that person.
  • Communication with visitors: greeting, entertainment, answering questions. Thanks to an innovative neural network system, huge linguistic base and integration with search engines, Promobot is an excellent interlocutor. The robot supports 7 languages.

Advantages of using a robot promoter:

  • The quality of information and consultation. Reducing human factors, such as anxiety, fatigue, speech defects, etc., makes it possible to make the transmission of information as accurate and clean as possible.
  • Loyalty and mood of visitors. When a person approaches a robot, Promobot begins to get acquainted with him and communicate. Robot jokes and compliments, which cannot help but cheers them up. As the robot cheers up the people around, they become more open to information and communication. This simplifies the work and communication with them.
  • Growth of financial indicators. The attraction of new people loyal to the company makes it easier to convince them of the advantages of your product and motivate them to make a purchase.