Promobot Digest

Promobot Digest (March, 13)

If you pronounce the name of the Kazan Aviation Institute several times, you will feel yourself a native speaker of a foreign language – KNRTU KAI. Where is the link between Promobot and KNRTU KAI – read in our digest. And about the 8th of March and the threat of artificial intelligence to the world.


How to name your robot

The name is the most complex and responsible part of any product. The success of your business depends on the name of it, especially if it concerns such an innovation as a robot. Whether you invented your robot or purchased it to rent – the name of the robot affects the effectiveness of the promotion.


Story of Elegant Art Events

At the moment we rent the robot out.

Robots – it is something that will very soon come into everyday life and become something ordinary like telephones. We did not study the robotics market, in order to compare and choose the most profitable option for business. But when we saw Promobot, we decided to try. The key was that it was the Russian robot.

CES 2018 diaries

Site organization. Participant’s online profile | CES 2018 Diares (part 3)

In the letter we received a whole list of links to the suppliers of the services for the show, which we had to contact in order to set everything. In order for our booth to have electricity, we had to write to one CES contractor, for the Internet – to another, for the fittings – to the third, and so on for each issue. This meant that there were no single window or exhibition manager, as it usually is at exhibitions in Russia. The participant must completely assume the organization of all infrastructure at the exhibition.