Promobot Digest

Promobot Digest (February, 26)

Our robot needs no introduction. Impudent? Maybe. True? Yes! Even Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia knows Promobot. You can read about the circumstances under which they met in our digest:


Story of the INPK Business Group

In August 2017 the first robot concierge in Russia appeared in the design of the TeslaDom apartment house. This has become a bright newsbreak in the Russian and international media space. Hundreds of media have written about us, we received a lot of calls from journalists. The TeslaDom project became the finalist of the Urban Awards 2017 in the “Innovation” nomination. All this naturally led to interest from buyers.

CES 2018 diaries

Applying for participation | CES 2018 Diares (part 2)

When applying, it is important to choose the correct time of filing and successfully choose the location of the booth. We were lucky, but it is better to prepare for the exhibition in advance. Then you have more chances to choose an area in the center of the hall and to achieve greater efficiency of the booth. Also, do not be upset if there is no place in the hall with your direct competitors. Pay attention also to adjacent sections. About our experience of applying for an application read in today’s article.

CES Promobot

CES 2018 | Promobot

The exhibition of consumer electronics CES is the largest event in the technology industry all over the world. Since 1970, the exhibition has been held annually in Las Vegas. Here, for the first time, a CD-ROM, a sound card, a tablet, a netbook and almost any household device that we use every day were presented for the first time here for the first time.

Promobot Digest №39

Promobot Digest (February, 15)

Promobot feels more confident abroad – it opens a representative office in the United States and is popular in the United Arab Emirates. We’ll tell you about Promobot’s diaries which you have not yet seen in the digest: