An electronic interactive guide will attract visitors. The robot is capable of give people full-scale tours. It tells about the exhibits, answers questions and shows photo and video materials.


  • Autonomous movement and movement along programmable routes. A programmable map of the area will allow to conduct any excursions depending on the current exhibition, and a working according to the position will allow any visitor to see the interesting exhibit.
  • Conducting interactive excursions. The robot has an exhaustive knowledge of the exhibits and independently conducts excursions. Also, thanks to the built-in neural network system, it answers visitors’ questions, which provides not only cognition, but also interactivity to the museum visit.
  • Demonstration of photo and video materials. Interactive display will show photos and video materials, which the simple guide cannot show.

Advantages of using a robot-guide:

  • Attraction of visitors. New technologies always attract attention, especially if it’s a robot-guide. An excellent solution for attracting children and adolescents.
  • The quality of informing and consultation. Reducing human factors, such as anxiety, fatigue, speech defects, etc., makes it possible to make the transmission of information as accurate and clean as possible. And also the possibility of accompanying the speech with photo and video materials makes it possible to make the excursion as accessible and interesting as possible.
  • Loyalty. When a person approaches to a robot, Promobot begins to get acquainted with him and communicate. Robot jokes and compliments, which cannot help but cheers them up. As the robot cheers up the people around, they become more open to information and communication. This simplifies the work and communication with them.
  • Growth of financial indicators. The attraction of new people loyal to the company makes it easier to convince them of the advantages of your product and motivate them to make a purchase.