An alternative to a live concierge: it will tell the news of the house, notify about the upcoming meeting, help to find the way to the nearest pharmacy and even cheer up with an anecdote. The robot is always in a good mood, it does not need any vacation or sick leave.


  • Autonomous movement avoiding obstacles. The robot does not need control and constant technical support. The robot works in an autonomous mode and moves purposefully, approaching to people.
  • Demonstration of photo and video materials. With the built-in display, the robot can show images and videos.
  • Face recognition and memorization. The concierge Promobot will get acquainted with all people who live there and remember them. Every time it meets you, it will certainly greet you.
  • Communication with visitors: greeting, entertainment, answer to questions. Thanks to an innovative neural network system, huge linguistic base and integration with search engines, Promobot is an excellent interlocutor. The robot supports 7 languages.

Advantages of using a robot-concierge:

  • The quality of informing and consultation. Reducing human factors, such as anxiety, fatigue, speech defects, etc., makes it possible to make the transmission of information as accurate and clean as possible.
  • Loyalty to the robot and the mood of the people who live in the building. When a person approaches to a robot, Promobot begins to get acquainted with him and communicate. Robot jokes and compliments, which cannot help but cheers them up. Now it’s even more pleasant to return home.
  • Growth of financial indicators. The robot does not need to pay wages, it does not require rest, vacation or sick leave. Significant savings on the concierge will allow you to direct these funds for the improvement of your home.