We are all accustomed to the fact that a variety of interactive support systems facilitate our lives, but the robot with the “human soul”, intelligence and a variety of state of minds – you don’t see such miracle every day. Now, this is a unique opportunity is available even for you! Robot-concierge, Promobot.

This is a real, unique in its kind, living robot, which is able to, and most importantly, loves interacting with people and helping them, without demanding anything in return. Robot-concierge will meet you, and will remember all the residents and visitors of your home.

Thanks to the function of faces and speech it can greet, address to people by name, ask them about their day, tell them the latest news. It is aware of everything that happens, it informs about the upcoming HOA meeting, on the repair activities to be undertaken in the near future, and knows many other news. Were there any problems in the apartment? Go to the robot, and it will help you to call maintenance, ambulance or any other service. Do you want a little escape from everyday life? Ask a robot to tell an anecdote, a poem, to show you a video, sing a song, or anything else, it will perform it with great pleasure. It will also let you know if someone came to you in your absence. Or maybe you have a desire to teach a neighbor to park properly? Then leave a message for him using the robot. And when Promobot sees him, it will tell him about your request. Are you afraid to forget anything? Ask the robot to remind you of what needs to be done on a certain day, Promobot will never forget. You want to go outside, but not sure about the weather? Ask the robot to show you the weather, and go take an umbrella! In addition to all the mentioned above it will advise you on general matters of payment, accounts, debts and etc. The guests came to visit you, but forgot what floor you live at? Do not worry, the robot-concierge will tell them what floor they have to go to, when they tell it the name of the owner of the apartment or number of the apartment.

Functionality of the robot:

  1. The robot-concierge recognizes people by appearance, and, most importantly, remembers all the residents and guests of the house.
  2. The robot is aware of all the news, tells about the HOA meetings, about the repair activities to be undertaken in the near future and any changes.
  3. It will respond if there is a debt to pay at the request of the residents.
  4. It is possible to use the robot to call the master (plumber, electrician, etc.).
  5. It will consult you on payment, invoices (receipts), etc.
  6. It will start a lively dialogue. It will tell you the latest news or show the weather.
  7. The robot concierge will inform the residents, who had guests in their absence
  8. The robot concierge will tell the guests what floor they have to go to, when they tell it the name of the owner of the apartment or number of the apartment.
  9. It will remember you that you could have forgotten to do (function of “cross on the hand”).
  10. It helps to leave a message, such as a message for the neighbor who does not know how to park in a proper way.
  11. In addition, it will tell an anecdote, a poem, sing a song, show videos and much more.

Promobot is a very hardworking and responsible robot. It works without breaks, lunches and medical leaves. It is easy to be taught, and it does not forget anything. It operates autonomously – without human assistance.
Do agree, that when you enter the entrance of an apartment building, you are more than happy to see a friendly cute robot which greets you and asks about your day.