Promobot also works as an administrator, and in the public service. A program of the modernization of the multifunctional center was recently launched with the aim of improving the quality of public services. One of the first cities to get updated was the city of Yakutsk. From the first day of opening, the robot Promobot started its career and service.

Nikolai Anuchin, technical center specialist, answered our questions about the robot.

How do you use it at your business? Describe the essence of its work.

Our Multifunctional Center (now the center “My Documents”) is engaged in the provision of public and municipal services. Promobot works as administrator of the hall and tells visitors about the company’s services. It can consult in almost any subject, from “What documents are needed to get an international passport?” to “Where can I make a copy of my documents?”.

Is it cost-efficient to use it? Did it achieve the planned results?

I think, you can evaluate financial efficiency of such purchase only after a year of use. Results were reached, the robot performed functions of the administrators of the hall, many visitors now come to him with their questions. However it took about three months to get used to it and stop treat it like a big toy, it began consulting on the company’s services.