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Who is Promobot?

Promobot – is the first on the market, completely autonomous, “live” robot with its own character. It is designed to work in areas of high concentration of people where the robot helps people with navigation, answers any questions, shows promotional materials and remembers everyone whom it communicated with.

Promobot drives extra business without any help from the owner, because it works independently and autonomously. It is enough to start the robot, and then the robot will independently recognize people, offer them products and consult them on the predetermined topics.

Purpose and goal of the system:
– To attract customer traffic;
– To automate the process of consultation;
– To increase the customers’ loyalty;
– To reduce the risks associated with the human factor.





Make Promobot your business

The market value of renting out the robot in an average is $1000 per day. Rent out the robots at any time and earn from $280 for 3 hours!

Equip your trading area with the robot and earn not only on the increase of permeability, but also on the leasing of its promotional display. And average hour of showing the promotional materials on the robot’s display will bring you from $10!



Speeding-up of the customer service

To obtain the necessary information, a man simply asks his question to promobot. The robot, informed about your product will consult the customer with joy and smile on any matter without any pauses or fatigue.

Increase the speed of customer service

In order to obtain the necessary information, client may just ask the robot a question. Robot programmed to your product with smile and pleasure will advise on any matter, without any tiredness and breaks.

Increase of sales level

The robot which has a unique appearance is able to win any customer over, and selling speeches will not let the customer leave empty-handed.

Stand out from your competitors

Robotic employees – this is what will distinguish you from your competitors. Companies, applying advanced technologies are the most popular among the customers.

The ability of learning

Do you have a new product or did you change the old one? Nothing wrong! Promobot easily learns all the necessary data, and our experts will help it to do so as soon as possible.

Improve the quality of service

Promobot is an employee which knows absolutely all your products. It quickly learns everything about innovations, and without hesitation tells all the necessary information to the client.


How to use Promobot?




What people say about Promobot?

“We put Promobot in the center immediately after the Christmas holidays and we have worked January with the positive dynamics which is an achievement as most of the shopping centers cannot boast with it.
On average there was a drop in traffic in shopping centers by 4% compared to the same period last year in Russia in January. And we were able to keep the rate unchanged.”
Elena Miller
“The robot performed functions of the administrators of the hall, many visitors now come to him with their questions. However, it took about three months to get used to it and stop treating it like a big toy, it began consulting on the company’s services. We like it, of course. Such innovations show the company in the most flattering light. We are the first who bought Promobot in Eastern Siberia, but we hope to be not the last”.
NNikolai Anuchin